Career in Sports

A Guide to Having an Excellent Career in Sports

When we watch matches, we can feel the spirit and the heat of the competition. Leagues or matches in any sports are the realizations of years of dedication to practice, preparation, and discipline. Sports represent the ideal combination of physical prowess and tactical ingenuity. Cooperation is also vital in the field, which makes the subject even more appealing than the others. But what options do we have to have a career in sports?

As an Athlete

Behind the SpotlightAthletes are often discovered by talent spotters. Then they receive professional training and boot camp before they can compete in a league. For example, for football players in the U.S., they often start their careers since senior high schools, and few others, universities. But it is usually tough to join a university club without ever having an experience competing on the field.

And contrary to the popular stigma, athletes do spend their energy and mind on training themselves. They are not people who have just won gene lottery for physical strength. Talent in professional sports will only last for several seasons. Beyond that, it is attitude and determination. For instance, in Football Training Atlanta, football players are given a chance to sharpen their skills on the game by intensive programs. One-on-one to group coaching is available. And for the intensity of the programs, one day to one-week boot camps are also on the menu. There are institutions for athletes, and they require one’s efforts as much as academic pursuits. Besides, once an athlete is taught professionally, he/she will learn about the science of sports, which is the combination of biology, physics, psychology, and management.

As a Coordinator

Fitness CoordinatorIf you do not have what it takes to be an athlete, it does not mean that your hope to have a career in sports ends. The truth is, athletes are the actors, while the people behind them are the true key-holders to the team’s success. There are two essential coordinators: therapeutic and fitness coordinators.

To be a therapeutic coordinator, you have to earn an academic degree in either Fitness Management or Health and Fitness. Your main task in the team is to make sure the athletes to be at their peak when the game comes, especially when they are recovering from a game. You will be in charge of recovery and recreational activities for the team.

Physical performance needs maintenance. Controlling nutrition, individual and group training schedule, and resting-time are under your responsibility if you are a team’s fitness coordinators. You might be helping the coach too. And for this job, a degree in Health Business Management, or Exercise Physiology is needed.

Final Consideration

Athlete GymAs an amateur athlete, your average salary will be around $40,000 per year. But as your career improves, that number can drastically raise up to million dollars per year. Matthew Stafford, a professional player in NFL, has been reported to make 135 million dollars just in five years. And that is around 27 million dollars per year.

For the people behind the spotlight, they might not make as much as the athletes, but the job will still bring a decent income, $60,000 per year. It might bring envy to your heart, but remember, you can be a part of the history.